I can’t believe I’ve been on this bloggy venture for the last 4 years of my life.

The Backstory

It’s one of those stories that started out innocently enough where a hiatus in work projects kick started me to do 1 of 2 things:
a) Start a blog
That was January of 2010, right after I completed the design of this nightclub in Huntington Beach that was a 2.5 year-long project. I was at a standstill with no new work on the horizon and generally just feeling very sorry for myself without any real direction. Yup, *cue the violins* y’all.  After having attended the open casting call for Design Star on a whim, I was completely awestruck by having advanced round after round of call backs and phone interviews, eventually landing a coveted spot on season 5 of the show, in which I was promptly sent home right after the first White Box challenge. I was ill-prepared (actually completely UNprepared would be the correct assessment), timid, shy, and honestly just not right for what would sell on reality TV back then. Not my finest hour I admit, but what I learned in the process made my strength to succeed outside of scripted design work much more prominent and unwavering to this day.

Why the Blog?

If you know me, I’m one of those perpetually passionate goal-seekers whom at any given moment are either learning/ sharing/ crafting/ researching/ reading/ finding new opportunity for creative growth. Completely driven by an immense wonder of the world around me, I consider myself quite simply just a curious girl. I thrive in a challenging environment, whether I fail or prevail, it’s the thrill of the chase that resonates in my core and propels me seek new and exciting adventures.

The Beginning

Enter my first post for this here bloggy HERE. I had just returned from New York, fragile and desperately seeking a creative outlet for all of my design ideas, free from any deadlines, pressures, or plain ol’ judgment, I sought to collect all the findings stored up in my head and dispense them on a personal forum crafted and curated especially by me. It was one of the most invigorating results to a very disheartening time. The blog was a catalyst for my creative energy and although Design Star didn’t air until mid-summer, I had a head-start into what I affectionately consider my comeback story.

Four years, 713 posts, 219 ensembles, 117 Food Porns, 4,002 design pins, and a few dozen online friends later and she hasn’t let me down since y’all.


What’s Next

Just because the network of our blogging community will inevitably change and maybe even diminish throughout the years, doesn’t mean the face of it will. CHEERS to another 4+ (here’s hoping) years y’all! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for following along this journey with me!!! There will be TONS of new designs, new series, and new ideas in the works as I’m excited to share every last bit of my crazy life with y’all! I loveloveLOVE my readers- you’ve made Haute Khuuture what she is today and I seriously can’t THANK YOU enough!

Finally OFF to China y’all! Whooooohooooo!!!
I’ll be blogging from the muthaland so catch me on FB and IG!
See ya in Asia my loves!




  1. I think you should be proud just to have been able to be recognized for that competition, it's a tough business there are sooo many designers out there and I think it comes down to being well rounded and you certainly are! I enjoy seeing what you are up to each day and I wish you another great 4 years of blogging and designing and doing what you love!

  2. For you to be chosen ( 12) out of all the designers out there shows so much about you and your style -paul

  3. OHHHH HELLLLLL YA!!!! Happy Happppy 4th Anniversary BABE!!! Here's to many more years to come of total awesome, creative and kick ass posts!!! BIG HUGS and lots of love to you Julie!!!! Your blog is really special!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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