Japan has been on our travel hit list for as long as I can remember.

Le hubs grew up watching Godzilla while I was hooked on anime (remember Ranma ½ anyone?).  Booking our trip during spring was a no-brainer since cherry blossom viewing was a HIGH priority, followed by the temples, shrines, ramen, sushi, street food, oman the list goes on and on!
Here’s highlights of how it all went down…(Picture heavy post ahead guys)

 As you can see, we did so much! Ate our way through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka and 10 days was just NOT enough!

Join me later this week as I break down our 10 fabulous days through Japan!

I’ll be sharing all the foodie and sightseeing hotspots, a complete travel itinerary and of course the BEST places to view cherry blossoms during spring!

You won’t wanna miss it!!

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    • Thanks for the visit my fave sistas!!! Japan was definitely one for the books! I was in foodie/temple/city life heaven!

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