Rue Montorgueil must be to Paris what Robertson Blvd is to WeHo.

Located in the 2nd arrondissement (in the Châtelet-Les Halles district), this mecca for the super cool and super hip, is chock-full of the most attractive trendsetters strutting on this side of the Seine.
Lined with famous restaurants, quaint cafes, boucheries, patisseries, cheese, wine, produce, and flower shops all facing the street parade, you can’t help but assume that Montorgueil makes for the most primo people watching the city has to offer.
So it was only fitting that we ended our trip with a nighttime cafe experience sipping on some cocktails (the only time I skipped the wine) and ogling all the pretty Parisians that would go passing by. I could definitely say I was wayyyyy more content with the catwalk than with my mealtime accoutrements.
Eh, you win some you lose some.
Thank goodness there were macarons aplenty waiting in the wings.
The perfect way to end a {near} perfect night.
Escargots with cream, the best dish of our meal
Smoked salmon…Bandera makes it wayyyyy better
Jumbo Charcuterie Platter…could DEF feed a party of 4-6…Don’t let that tuna-looking lump in the middle fool you…the BEST dang shredded pork since Debs introduced me to her cha bong lady in Bolsa
How we end most meals…he, with some cognac, and moi, a little french-pressed café
6 Rue Chauveau-Lagarde, 75008
Even floral windows are dressed super chic…
How I know me and Beeze belong in Paree…every bistrot was calling our name ;D
Ahhhh…the ever elusive Frenchie Restaurant around the corner…I don’t know how many times we tried to dine here…first they were closed for lunch…then closed for dinner the next night…then we finally saw a sign that said they were last open on Nov. 10 and next opening date TBD…friggin’ Francos dude…business hours at their own discretion…Americans sure could learn a thing or two about this lifestyle…
Oh well…onwards to….Dundundun!!!!
What’s French for the effin’ most AHMAZING macarons in the universe??…
Ah oui- Pierre Hermé baby…
One bite will have you singing their national anthem man…
Le jour de gloire est arrivé !

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