My Vegas Bachelorette Bash Extravaganza continues with what I’d probably consider my favorite portion of the entire festivity-filled weekend: The Day Club!

I’ve been to enough Vegas pool parties to know that I absolutely did not want to attend one for my bach.

Sin City’s summer season ends late September/ early October when day clubs at the pools switch gears for day clubs located inside the casino hotels instead.

Namely at Palazzo’s Lavo Restaurant and Lounge, the HOTTEST dance party held during the daytime!

My girls definitely know how to spoil me…decked out in all their beautiful blush tones for one of THE booziest brunches on the West Coast!

You know me and brunch honey…my favorite meal of the day! Add in some griddle faves, some greasy carbs, endless shots, bottomless champeezy and you’ve got yourself one helluva bash!

If you’re ever wondering what’s the haps in Vegas during winter, THIS IS IT!!! 

Cannot wait to return before the season ends for another round at Lavo’s Day Club Brunch! I’m sure I can wrestle up the posse for a repeat! ;D

One last post from my Bejeweled Bachelorette Bash coming this weekend! Hope to see you back!
 See Part I HERE




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  1. Oh you ladies had such a BASH! Can't get over how you ladies all dress to a selected theme, that's awesome, it really makes for such gorgeous group shots! I would love to visit LV in the future and get all glammed up for a dinner/night out!

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