Woohoooo! Just passed my 1000 followers mark and I must say, I’m starting to take Instagram a whole lot more seriously now, lol.

When I first joined Instagram I used it solely to ogle other people’s creative work and artistic stylings. I’ll admit, while I’m pretty tech savvy as it pertains to design and blogging, I am NOT the girl who shares every tidbit of her life like some others do. (Like the ones I LOVE to follow, oh the irony)

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% the voyeur most of us are, following my fave celebs, even a Kardashian or two; (C’mon, fess up, I know you can name at least 3 of em! Lol) but where I’m terribly lacking is the type of consistent content viewers crave.

Aiming to streamline a bit of my feed, but sometimes it’s just too dang difficult! I love fashion, food, photography, I design every dang day, live and die for my girls, spend every other moment with my boo and my pups, how on earth do I isolate any from the list?

It’s gonna be quite the challenge but I’m up for it y’all!  Won’t you follow along??…




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