I can’t believe summer just came and went in the blink of an eye.

Seems like just yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday in July now here I am, freshly back from the BEST vacation ever, with a mountain of work piling up in the studio and I couldn’t be more excited to get back in the swing of things. If there’s ANYTHING that could possibly pull me out of designer’s block, it’s 2 weeks in Taiwan and Thailand with these crazies below.

Here’s a sneak peek of how it all went down dolls, straight from my IG feed!


We tried hitting up as many clubs and bars as we can, Babe 18 in Taipei had the longest line at club row, needless to say that’s exactly where we headed (left)

Oh the things you do for L-O-V-E, a rare pic of le fiance working his magic (right)

Of all the memorable excursions on this Taiwan trip, Shiyang Culture Restaurant and it’s panoramic mountain views left me breathless and invigorated…nothing beats being at one with nature (left)

Their 12-course prix-fixe lunch was just so spot on, they couldn’t have imagined a better concept for this scenic environment (right)

Taiwanese Seafood from Addiction Aquatic Development has SPOILED me for life!!
I have NEVER been presented with such amazingly fresh live eats for such a steal.

This entire spread cost just over $100USD and fed a ravenous table of 10…unheard of in the states!

Our last night in Taipei was spent getting rightfully drunk and crunk at Elektro Nightclub.
We barely made our 5am call time with the next flight to Bangkok, but sure enough, we pulled it together and was well on our way to meet the rest of the party posse!

Now onto Thailand!


Perfect group accommodations at the Dream Hotel Bangkok. (left)
Starting a loooooong night of club-hopping at Bangkok’s Above Eleven rooftop bar (right)

2 days in Thailand now we’re headed to Koh Samui!


Flying in to the natural beauty of this incredible island (left)
Our view, all day err day at the Baan Talay resort on Chaweng Beach Samui (right)

Another check off the bucket list celebrating life, love, and the pursuit of perfect partying at the infamous Full Moon Festival (left)
Getting dropped off at the wrong island on the way home from said festival, I don’t think any of us minded with this picturesque view (right)

My BOL babes, from the beach (left) | To the streets… (right)


Much deserved R&R to recuperate from all the partying at Eranda Spa (left) | The most tranquil sight at Na Mueng Waterfall (right)

And FOOD PORN galore guys!
This was just a TEENSY TINY fraction of everything we consumed during the 2wk trip.
No joke! Can’t wait to share all the goodies on this month’s #foodpornfriday posts! You.will.DIE.


I’ve got TONS of Taiwan and Thailand posts lined up for the upcoming weeks so stay tuned my loves!



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