Happy new month of June hunnies!!!

I can’t believe summer’s almost here which means my social card’s filling up FAST! It’s been birthday after birthday, one event right after another, sometimes double in a day, and we haven’t even gotten to my JKID project workload yet!


Y’all know I’ve been crazy busy designing this nightclub/restaurant/lounge in Huntington Beach and I’m proud to finally exclaim our GRAND OPENING is this weekend wooooohooooooo!!!

We’ve had a few tastings and a handful of soft openings, where my friends and family got a sneak peek into the venue before it finally opens to the public THIS Friday.

Aside from that, I finally said YES to the dress and wedding planning’s well under way….

So this summer’s looking mighty busy y’all…I’m fixing to launch the NEW and improved Haute Khuuture with a little rebranding and whole lotta BLOG! I know it’s been a bit silent here on the site, but rest assured I’ve been working my ass off to produce TONS of new content for my darling readers! You guys have been here through it all and I seriously can’t thank you enough for following along!

Be sure to follow my Instagram for the latest looks and a bit of my life and style since it’s all about immediate gratification these days

On a parting note…HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to my beautiful big sis Trinity!!!!

 I swear there’s nothing more magical about a sisterhood bond that’s been built from when we were in diapers. From our delinquent and daring teenage years, to our roaring 20’s, now into our dirty and debaucherous 30’s, you ARE my RIDE-OR-DIE chick, my one in a million DIME piece! Wishing you superfluous amounts of love and success on the start of your BEST year ever sis! I love you!!!




  1. Seriously, this month is going to be crazy busy for me! I don't think I'm going to be free till mid-July! Can't wait to read more about the opening in Huntington Beach! 🙂

    xo Denysia Yu
    That L.A. it Girl

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