I’ve had visions of Versailles since missing it during my first trip to Paris a decade ago.

Sis and I opted to go to Disneyland Paris that day instead and boy do I ever regret such an asinine (and totally American tourist) decision. Not only did we board the wrong train and was fined $80 upon exiting, my Aunt came home with stories of opulent grandeur having spent the entire day shooting the Chateau, oohing and aahing over every gilded fixture and golden finish. Not to mention her squeals of delight as if she was the first to ever photograph Versaille’s famous Hall of Mirrors, to which I have to admit was the inspiration behind Avec’s entry corridor (seen here).
Since then, I’ve been DYING to appreciate the palace up close and personal, and of course as fate would have it, we happened to visit Versailles just as Japanese genius Takashi Murakami decided to exhibit his candy-colored, anime-crazed, garish and glorious spectacle of sculptures. More+ More+ Me= Best day EVER!!!…Although the weather was wet and my tights got a licking, I sure do love it when things have a way of working themselves out.
H&M Dress, Tulle Parka, F21 scarf, D&G hat, Ralph Lauren Gloves, H&M tights, M2 boots, MNG belt.


  1. Interesting what can transform into art. Shape, colors, and even happy faces! Love the photo where you are walking through the courtyard of Paris'autumn leaves. I imagine everything in that moment was at peace…

  2. Yes very peaceful…albeit very wet! It was pouring but you couldn't tell cuz the branches were protecting me 😀

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