I used to think traveling abroad meant hitting up as many countries in as few days as possible.

Now 10 cities in 10 days hardly sounds like a vacation, so when the bf and I started scouting potential hotspots, we narrowed it down to my TWO favorite loves: fashion (Paris) and architecture (Barcelona).

And of course, by trade, my love did not disappoint. Barcelona is as magnificent in plan as Paris is in passing. When the Catalan government enlisted Antoni Gaudi architect-extraordinaire to reface Barcelona’s burgeoning metropolis in the late 1800’s, I’m sure they expected him to preserve the sprawling natural landscape, but to mimic it entirely with a touch of eccentricity? That’s a whole ‘notha ballpark ladies and gents.


We completely lucked out and celebrated 4 full days of 70deg sun which meant following on foot everything Gaudi, from museums and landmarks, to today’s first-up: Parc Guëll. Home to what was once designed to be a housing development, but now open to the public as a municipal garden filled with Gaudi’s signature decorative designs, a mini museum housing original furniture and artwork, and an amazing aerial view of the city in all its Art-Nouveau splendor.


Today’s lesson in the laws of design? Never trust an architect who doesn’t put nature first.

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Come back tonight for vintage shopping and Michelin-star dining in Barcelona!


  1. Barcelona looks magical! So awesome that your eyes was able to connect such man made beauty, who embraces mother earth first! Now if we can all live this way!

  2. I know, my pics didn't do this parc justice…it was insane!!! As far as the eye can see, with romantic little nooks and crannies down every path…We were there all day and only forced to leave when it started drizzling.

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