I’m back baby…ready to blog, ready to put Paree on blast.

I’ve been feeling très guilty having neglected Haute Khuuture for almost two weeks, so in my most humble efforts to make it up to y’all (and myself), I’m committing to TWICE daily posts! Yes, be still your heart, you read that right…Not one, but TWO entire digital diary pages per day of the most exhilarating, most intoxicatingly stimulating 10-day vacay I’ve planned to date.
But first, a little backstory…Having first visited Paris back in ’99 with Trinhy and my newlywed Auntie and Uncle, I knew it was only a matter of time before I returned to the City that would forever be immortalized as THE ONE that captured mon coeur and has held a kung-fu grip on it to this day.
Of course this time, I’d make the trip sans sappy kissy couple and sans the sis (even though I begged her to come but school got in the way). You know you’re in L-O-V-E when you love every little bit of the city…
Never mind the naysayers that mock Her homeless-begging, poverty-stricken parts, or the omnipresent dog poo that seem to saddle Her sidewalks like decorative droppings made more delightful by the furry little French pups they’re attached to (sorry for the visual mes amies)…But I love it ALL. The good, the bad, and the {I don’t know how anyone can dare call Her} ugly.
Come along for the ride and let us re-visit the trip that sent my heart soaring (and hopefully my bags packing for an imminent summer stay) during the last 10 days… Pour votre plaisir de visionnement…for your viewing pleasure…
Scenic views overlooking the entire cityscape and a little cobblestoned corner of town…charming cafes lining Montmartre square and the monumental Sacre Coeur to top it off…wandered to the back streets and found a picturesque little park- perfect for ensemble posts…with an unreal view of the basilica in the background…how do you beat that?
Tulle capelet (gifted fr the bff), Rich & Skinny Jeans, D&G knit hat, Leifsdottir sweater, Ralph Lauren Gloves, M2 Miz Mooz Boots
*note to readers: we’ll be going in reverse chronological order since the bf held onto my usb that has all the beginning Barcelona pix…the storytelling will be just as effective, I promise!!…albeit a bit backwards :D*
Come back tonight for my balls-out boho shopping frenzy!!!

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  1. Pictures are fabulous, colors looks amazing and so do you!!! So interesting to see the same sites but different climate. And when returning to the states, it all feels so surreal. Welcome back and blog away… I'll stay tuned in!

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