Continuation of my honeymoon travel diary where we spent 5 wonderful days in Paris…

There’s something just so magical about the City of Light where everything radiates with an inner glow…

The people, the places, the smells, sights, and scene!  Instant mood enhancer if you ask moi…
 Having been an art history buff in design school, I’ve always appreciated how well the city maintains its preservations… Thoughtfully combining the old and the new…
Old world elegance at its finest… Beaux-Arts buildings, boho-luxe interiors, and parisian chic locals to anchor the aesthetic.
A mirror image of my own life ideals and personal style preferences…

 This modern glam gal BELONGS in Paree y’all!

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

  One day my loves….
One day I will look back on this post and smile knowing just how much I wanted it and how far I went to make it happen.




    • Thanks hun! It's prettier with every return visit…I discover something more magical each time <3

    • Hope you'll read my TOP PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE for some of my fave sights! You will make it there! *Dream.Believe.Achieve* right?! ;D

    • Oh such a dream to spend a summer there let alone an entire semester or year! Thanks for visiting love!

  1. You look so wonderful, it's like you were made to fit into the Old World charm and glamour of Paris! Love the cut of your hair too, I really need to get something going on with my long long hair! Been too lazy to do anything to it but I realize it's just hair and it needs a revamp soon. Like you said, there's something about Europe and the unique look many cities still have, I would love a vacay to Switzerland right about now and Germany!

    • Oh I feel ya honey. Actually ready for a chop to go shorter! Something about the end of summer that I'm dying for a change!

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