She’s a big-time Emmy-winning entertainment sports producer, he’s a huge action hero movie star, together they are bonafide Hollywood A-listers whom just happen to be my near and dear friends.

So it was only fitting that we shower Annie and Robin’s baby-on-the-way with a megawatt celebration fit for the new upcoming star in their lives- Baby Brandon!

A Star is Born!

 Oscar gold for good luck 😀 And a sound stage for impromptu karaoke!

Hollywood walk of fame leads up to the red carpet walk!
Watch out for paparazzi!


Shaded seating to beat the heat!
It’s ALL about the props!


Don’t say “baby” game! Say the word, you lose a clip!
Sundays are perfect for brunching with champagne mimosas!
The incredible gourmet buffet…yummmmms!
Baby bingo! Match the celebrity with their baby!
Event designs are my FAVE type of entertainment productions…what’s better than booze and babies??? (Not that they go together at all! hahaha)
Mama’s growing belly is one of the MOST gorgeous I’ve ever seen!


Event Design: Yours truly 😀
*With the help of my amazing team Loan and Jen*
Cake: Taylor Cake Creations
Flowers by: Ruth Rafidi
Catering: Linh Nguyen & Co.
Photography: Myself
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Thank you to my incredible party-planning team for whipping this shindig together in a flash!
Couldn’t have done it without all hands on deck! LOVE my girls Jenny, Linh, and Loan to pieces!!!!

Congratulations Annie and Robin!!!
We love you both so much and can’t wait to meet your future movie star!!!
Cheers to your last few weeks of coupledom ‘cuz this baby’s on his wayyyy!!!!

For more scenes from a Julie Khuu designed event click HERE




  1. looks like fun!! congrats to the couple and good job gf!!


    (haha sorry for the comment blast… fyi- youre making my monday at work that much more enjoyable =) )

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