We threw a surprise birthday bash this weekend that was MONTHS in the making!

 I dunno about you, but pulling off a surprise is a helluva lot of work. From the hush hush planning stages to the super secret costume designing to the day of prep and decorating, it was one for the books and I’m so glad it went OFF without a hitch! 

The Vibe

We celebrated my darling Ann’s surprise birthday with a Midsummer Night’s Dream-themed backyard bash complete with garden nymphs and winged fairies, mystical creatures, unicorns, goats, and the entire animal farm! Lol…If y’all are familiar with Shakespeare (or the movie version with Michelle Pfeiffer) you’ll understand that the theme was not a popular choice with the boys (hehe) but my girls friggin’ KILLED it in the costume department!

Beauties and the beasts!

The winged vs. the non-winged!

I spy a photobomber!!! lol


With the gorgeous birthday girl (above)

Slideshow time!

Who needs Electric Daisy Carnival when you’ve got a rave right in your own backyard?
UNTZ! UNTZ! UNTZ! Lolzzzz…
This is how we do it in our 30’s+ hahahahahah

Happy Happy Birthday Ann-imal!!!
Rawrrr baby rawrrrr!

Any fun costume parties in store for you this summer???




  1. Awesome photos and night Julie! I'm so glad to see that you're celebrating with your friends and how awesome is that!! A surprised birthday bash that looks sooo freaking great! I've yet to be part of a planned surprise party!

  2. What an awesome party and I can't believe you kept it a secret! You are so right the girls totally killed it! I can't believe how awesome everybody looked, especially you! You sure know how to throw a party, love the cake!


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