Over the weekend we threw a fabulously festive Valentine’s themed baby shower for one of my darlings Lani Nguyen: Mommy in the making!

Along with a slew of my galpals, we showered Baby Olivia Rose with hearts and flowers, headbands and love notes, sweets and champeezy on a beautiful SoCal afternoon under the sun. It’s times like these, surrounded by good vibes and positive energy, that I simply loveloveLOVE what I do. Sometimes it’s all in the name of great design, sometimes it’s all about showing how much you really care…

Baby Shower Deets:

Decorations/ Flowers/ Photography: Julie Khuu Interior Design, JKID
(along with my creative pahtner-in-crime: Pandy- Thuongskies!)
Event coordinator/ Dessert Table/ Love Notes Station: Sophia Huynh
Food and Beverages: Nancy Dao and Paris Trinh
Games/ Headband Station: Christina Jeon and Jeanine Rountree
Photobooth: Instapixx
 {Yes, it REALLY does take a village!}

We love you Lani-Poo! Congratulations on your little bundle and we can’t wait to meet Olivia Rose! One day we’ll get to show her how she was welcomed into the world <3 <3 <3!
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Come back later this week for a “Behind the Scenes” look at the designs that made this baby shower so festive and fun!
You won’t wanna miss it!




  1. I love love love the decorations! They're so cute and totally perfect for a valentine's themed baby shower. The dessert table is my favorite. 😛


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