Last summer when our dearest friends Jackie and Ivy got engaged, I came up with this crazy idea that I wanted to try my hand at wedding planning.

Dundundun. (I know, I know I’m already so super busy with my own *ish what was I thinking??!!)

You know what they say, those who can do do, and those who can’t do plan!
Well, here we are, 15 months in the making at my darling’s wedding celebration and I must say that I am MORE than relieved that our “Winter Harvest Gone GLAM” concept finally came to fruition with the help of my fabulous pahtnah Pandy-Poo (Love you! Onto the next!!!) and an ongoing collaboration with the sweetest cake designer in all of the land Taylor of Taylor Cake Creations fame! It hardly seems like work when I’m spending QT with these lovelies!


Congratulations to our besties Jackie and Ivy for finally tying the knot!!

We couldn’t be happier for you both, having grown with your relationship from once-shy and reticent lovers to the ca-ca-caRAZY party peeps y’all are today, cheers to a lifetime of sweet friendship and outrageous adventures in the making! We LOVE you guys!!!!





  1. Julie, the love you poured into this post shows with each word. What a bunch of wonderful friends! The bride's gown is beautiful and your's too. LOVE your necklace. xx's

  2. Wow, this looks like a beautiful wedding. And I love the color scheme. Very dramatic!

    Marie Angelique

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