S&S’s destination wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii was nothing short of spectacular.

The bride beautiful in her vintage-inspired Lazaro gown, the groom handsome and splendid in his Joseph Abboud tux. 38 guests celebrated as Sophia and Steve tied the knot after having spent half their lives as BFF’s before finally succumbing to everything fate had in store for them.
 I believe the best marriages start out that way and have the most favorable chances at longevity. You really gotta dig your dude before committing to a lifetime of together forever. Which is why Sophia and Steve are easily one of our favorite couples to chill with, drink with, laugh with, and of course celebrate life with. Love, friendship, respect, and happiness…couldn’t have said it better myself S.
May this union be the start of your best years together!
Congrats to the happy couple!
Love forever sugarpuss! 
To see more images from S&S’s gorgeous seaside wedding, visit L’amour Photography here


  1. Aloha! I love your blog – I'm from the Island of Oahu but I am now living in South Carolina while attending school and being closer to my family! Your pictures are amazing and have fun while your out there the island has so much to offer. You just gained a follower – I hope you will like my page as much as I like yours.

    – Christina Leilani

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  3. Julie that looks like it was an absolutely amazing wedding! Everything is so picturesque! ANd yes, it is definitely important to dig your dude before you tie the knot! xo

  4. What a gorgeous wedding and an even more gorgeous bride!!!! That's pretty much the feel I want for our wedding, I think..

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