Lazy Sundays sure seem lazier once you’re on vacation.

Europeans take their day of the Lord quite seriously as the entire town slums around and nary a shop is open for business. Which usually means one of two things: a) They’re at mass b) They’re home recovering from a wild Saturday night.
Which meant that we were only able to do two things: a) Eat b) Take pics
So that’s all we did…all day long. Point and click, shoot and eat. Repeat as needed.
On our balcony with the amazing neighborhood view behind us…I love that everyone leaves their lights on and curtains open at night…Brings out the voyeur in you…and me, evidently ;D

Breakfast: El Fornet

Their version of a ZGallerie meets CB2 kind of store
I love how every building is so highly decorative…every facade tells a story…

Supper: Catalana Restaurant

Even doors have something to say…


*Grateful to have logged over 20mi/day simply walking around and burning off all those sinfully delectable calories *
In store tomorrow: The LAST entry of my European adventure awaits…
Shopping down Las Ramblas and THE BEST TAPAS I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!

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  1. Perfect way to end my lazy Sunday with your Sunday Sabbatical blog. Almost like I was there with you, but except I can't taste the foodies:(

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