Even though I’ve been writing this online diary for almost 5 years now (anniversary’s in April yikes!!) I consider myself a pretty private person.

Privacy Please

Detailing my sartorial journey along with interior design-related inspiration is one thing, but sharing anything personal about my relationship is another. You will hardly find any pictures of me and le fiancé on social media and it’s a rarity that he’d turn up on Haute Khuuture save for some special occasion shout-outs like his birthday or mine. I share such a huge portion of my life on the blog/FB/IG that my relationship felt too sacred to disclose on any level. Like it’s our little secret hidden behind the lens, safe from prying eyes (and mouths for that matter). 

But all that’s about to change y’all. Now that we’re ready to take on the world together, here’s introducing the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Bui

Yup, that’s us! In all our post-engagement, pre-first home move-in day glory. He had just proposed, I had just screamed YES, and we just got the keys to our brand new house together.


The Proposal

I was led to believe we wouldn’t close escrow until next week, so we had to wait just a little longer to get the keys. Le fiancé was trying to keep the entire ordeal a secret until he could appropriately set the scene to propose and present the keys all in one shot. My boo is VERY sentimental to say the least, lol.

He told me that we had an appointment with a roofer and although we didn’t have the keys yet, we could do a walk-through of the exterior and get an estimate to prepare for renovations. Mind you, this was only my third time seeing OUR house (still can’t believe it’s ALL ours!) so I wanted to take my time, shoot some really good pictures, and savor the moment before walking the property.

Next thing I knew, I was rushed into our courtyard where he had set up a bar table with a bottle of champagne and a little black box just waiting to be revealed.





In that moment I knew what this sneaky little sucker was up to and immediately threw my arms around him thrilled at anticipating the moments to follow.

For all you married (or enfianced) gals out there, you know what I’m talking about. Months of planning and prepping and you finally get your boo back! He’d been one hot mess for the past few weeks, nervous and anxious knowing a proposal was well in the works.


After wiping a mountain of sweat and tears from his eyes, he stammered a string of Iloveyous and we quietly embraced for what seemed like hours on end. Out ran Roy hidden behind the glass wall snapping away as he captured this tender treasured moment. (Little did I know le fiancé had called Roy to surprise me weeks in advance)


He finally reached out to open the little black box and uncovered a monkey house key, one for me to match the one he’d made for himself.  Fun fact: We are both monkeys in the Chinese zodiac, hoping to complete our monkey trifecta with a little one in 2016!


I was already over the moon with my new monkey key as he fell to one knee and asked me, the love of his life, the mother of his furries, to finally be his wife, with famous last words… Will you marry me?.. Cue the awwwwssssss, lol.


We even got to stage a mini-photo shoot in our new house together, courtesy of Roy, my friend, and easily one of THE.MOST.talented photo journalists I’ve ever come across. And I come from a family of professional photographers so that’s saying a LOT y’all.  If you live in the Southern California area, you MUST book Roy and his team!!! Seriously, I whore them out every chance I get because his images are raw, artistic, and magically seem to capture everything you’re feeling in the moment without having to say anything at all…



Now here we are, happily enfianced and elated to start this new life together. In our new home, with our fur babies, planning a wedding, renovating, and oh yeah, documenting it ALL along the way!

Pro shots by Roy Iswanto Photography | Check out his website HERE and his Facebook page HERE

Hope you’ll stay tuned guys, Haute Khuuture’s about to get a new facelift for all the fresh content I’ve got in the works!

Cheers to new beginnings!!! <3




  1. Love it! ? Props to the fiance for a great proposal and cheers to the Buis to be!

  2. Oh! And totally looking forward to the documented renovations! Expectations are high! 😉

  3. omg! omg! OH! MY! GOD! After years of stalking … I mean following your posts on bridal showers, and gorgeous swoon worthy decor it is SO AMAZING to finally read this bit of news on YOUR blog, about YOU!! Will you be sharing your home decor and wedding planning on here?


  4. OMG Congratulations Julie!! This is such a wonderful proposal and I'm so glad you had a photographer to capture the whole moment and am glad you could share your beautiful memory with all of us!! Wishing you a very happy married life!! Im following you on instagram now!! Easier to keep in touch 🙂

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