This is probably the most frequently asked question I get when I planned my own wedding just last month.

And the answer is really quite simple…

Where to Splurge and Where to Save

SPLURGE on show stopping items that receive the most attention and SAVE on items that are merely the supporting cast.

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I can’t tell you exactly which items you will find most significant when planning your wedding day, but what I can tell you is if your Pinterest board is filled with beautiful centerpieces and a fabulous wedding gown with 15ft trains then that should clearly indicate your TOP priorities honey.  Take a cue from your inspiration files and make a list of which images show up the most often to the ones that show up the least amount of times.  An emerging trend should appear and clearly indicate your elements of precedence.
Here’s what made my lists:

Where to SPLURGE

1. Wedding dress

This was really a no-brainer. I found THE one on my first shopping trip and every other visit to neighboring boutiques just wasn’t even close.  There was a mandatory black tie formal dress code so I couldn’t show up in any ol’ white paper bag, right?  Plus, this is partly a fashion blog mind you, I’m sure you can guess where my priorities lie.

2. Videographer/ Cinematographer/ Photographer

I don’t care how much money you spent on that dress or if your entire reception was dripping in crystals from the most elaborate centerpieces known to man.  If the professionals that you hire don’t fully capture every little detail with urgency and care, then no
one will ever remember how fabulous the fête truly was.  Remember to do your research and revisit my TOP 5 TIPS FOR HIRING THE RIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER for your wedding HERE.

3. Alcohol

NO ONE, but NO ONE remembers the food, ya dig?  Especially if the alcohol is aplenty, your guests will only remember the BEST WEDDING reception they’ve ever attended!  That’s because they’re feeling the love and filled with booze…WooOoHoOo!  Which leads me to the next item on my list….

Where to SAVE

1. Food

I’m not saying you should throw 3 types of tacos on a buffet table and call it a fiesta!  But you definitely don’t need lobster
and filet mignon with a side of caviar if you are minding your budget.  There are plenty of options with different types of protein that can fit the bill.  Instead of filet, try a skirt steak with a nice sauce. Or instead of steak, try an exotic Jidori Chicken with just as much flavor for half the cost.  Keep in mind, as guests are boozed up with full bellies, they won’t even care about the food.


2. Flowers

My wedding was a winter one, so I was at the mercy of whatever florals were in season.  Namely roses, roses, and more roses, lol.  But in between all these roses, there is a plethora of “filler” flowers that you can select at super inexpensive costs.  I’d start with a definitive color palette and allow your selections to follow the theme of your wedding.  If you are not committed to a particular
bloom, there’s TONS of cheaper substitutes that will still be in line with the look you are after.  A knowledgeable florist is KEY so make sure you hire one with TONS of wedding experience and not just a local Mom and Pop flower shop who simply arranges a handful of decorative bouquets a day.

3. Invitations

I found a beautiful invitation that I was in lalalalLOVE with and once I contacted the company for a quote, I was literally speechless at the crazy hefty price tag (over $50/ invite, YIKES)! Of course I went the DIY route, spent over 100 hours designing the graphics and copy myself and sent it out to a local printing press for my specialty-gold pressed needs.  I purchased the envelopes on Amazon, hand-wrote the calligraphy, and even scoured Michael’s Arts and Crafts for the remaining bits and baubles.  What became of this laborious task was one I am truly TRULY proud of and at a mere fraction of the cost, a total steal!
More on my custom invitations next Wedding Wednesday!

I’ll be updating this post with more SPLURGE vs. SAVE tips in the coming months so please subscribe and you won’t
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  1. I think organizing the wedding requires a lot of money! However, it is a life time event to remember!

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